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  • iHSEQ is a professional consultancy business specialising in Occupational Health & Safety Services. We assess potential risks and provide clear recommendations to the client based on our professional experience, whilst adhering to state legislation and guidelines. With over a decade of experience, our team of qualified HSEQ Advisors are experts in all safety system audits and works.


    iHSEQ builds upon a foundation of professionalism and exceptional customer service to provide fast, reliable, and accurate project deliverables for every job.


  • On-Site Services

    IHSEQ offer their public and private sector clients a wide range of services to provide them with comprehensive assistance throughout their projects to ensure all compliance is met.

    Site Audits

    Site Audits

    We can risk assess your workplace and practices to find safe ways to perform tasks.

    Electrical Test and Tag

    Electrical Test & Tag

    We can manage your business’ ongoing electrical test and tag needs in compliance with AS/NZ 3760 regulations.

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection

    We provide regularly testing and servicing your fire extinguishers to ensure they are functioning correctly.

    Plant and Equipment Inspection

    Plant & Equipment Inspection

    Inspections on time and on schedule, to make sure your plant & equipment are compliant.

    Vehicle Inspection Checklist

    Vehicle Inspection Checklist

    We offer regular inspection and maintenance of your company vehicles to ensure they are safe and roadworthy.

    First-Aid Inspection Checklist

    First-Aid Inspection Checklist

    We monitor your company first aid kit on regular basis to make sure the first aid kit is fully stocked and maintained


    HSEQ Systems


    Our cost-effective, tailored management systems take away unnecessary burdens placed on businesses "trying to go it alone." We collaborate with managers and supervisors on risk management solutions, before integrating these into the company’s overall framework.


    An integrated management system embedding quality, health, safety and environmental management is one of our most valued services. Whilst taking a systematic approach to managing those risks is a great idea – it also requires application. The systems we develop help companies to continually improve their performance and compliance to legislation and standards, as well as establish better working environments that protect their people.



    Auditing can sometimes be seen as an overhead yet it is absolutely necessary to help organisations achieve their objectives. We understand that management teams simply may not have the time, experience or qualifications to undertake auditing.


    We work as closely or as independently with senior managers, systems managers or those required to take the load and risk away and help resolve issues should they be found.



    Workplace Health and Safety Management plans are fundamental in the delivery of a successful project. Solid foundations in processes and systems, training and control measures are critical to high performance work environments.


    Having specialist and experienced professionals with the right skillsset helps to create efficient and productive operations, whilst minimising risks. Oversight Consulting provides the security and resources to managers and their teams with sound WHS plans that are practical and stand the test of time.



    Ongoing support ensures compliance and peace of mind. We offer flexible and tailored support services ensuring that the policies, procedures and processes that have been put in place are applied, remain current and used effectively at all times.


    We don’t believe in one-off services, we build strong relationships with our clients and support them through the highs and lows of operations. We customise our agreements to fit the goals and budgets of our clients. We help our clients clearly identify what success looks like for them before we build the framework to achieve their vision.

  • Audits & Tenders

    We can provide the help you need with tenders or prequalification systemsWe are a specialist in assisting all types of contractors through all prequalification systems and tender process.We will prepare and submit all the paperwork on your behalf.





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    Injury Management and Rehabilitation

    iHSEQ can attend your site / office to provide the expertise of an injury management advisor on your behalf.

    We will manage all aspects including liaising with all stakeholders, managing treatment and rehabilitation needs, return to work and independence with activities of daily living.

    This service may be used to fill a gap between recruitment, long term leave or any other event that you may cause your organisation to have the need for in-house injury management expertise.

    Our experience with rehabilitation and return to work services forms the basis of our clinical expertise.

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